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Alpsennereimuseum Hittisau

Museum · Nagelfluhkette Nature Park
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  • Alpsennereimuseum Hittisau
    / Alpsennereimuseum Hittisau
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    Photo: Günter König, Amt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung - Kultur
Map / Alpsennereimuseum Hittisau

Hittisau, in the Bregenz Forest, holds a record in Austria – with 120 alpine pastures inside its community boundaries. Its Alpine Dairy Museum, founded in 1980, displays a functional historic alpine dairy kitchen, including displays of techniques and equipment which have been used to process milk products for over 300 years. In guided tours historic background information is provided about procedures for producing cheese, both in former days and in modern times. Since 2011 the newly renovated and refurbished museum has been located in the pedestrian underpass of the Ritter-von-Bergmann Hall. 


Around the year 1700 cattle and dairy farming became the predominant basis of livelihood in the Bregenz Forest, partly because climatic changes had caused a drastic decline in grain harvests. Thanks to the introduction of procedures modeled on dairy production methods in Appenzell (Switzerland), non-perishable cheese could be made. The successful marketing of Bregenz Forest cheeses promoted commercial contacts throughout Europe. This high-quality product has kept its valued reputation even today. The Alpine Dairy Museum offers interesting insights into the history of this economic sector.

Opening hours

Geführte Besichtigung des Alpsennereimuseums und der Käseherstellung, wie sie vor 150 Jahren erfolgte. Anschließend zeigt ein Film die heutige Käseherstellung und es gibt eine kleine Käsekostprobe (Dauer einer Führung ca. 1 h).

Jeden Mittwoch um 10.00 Uhr (nur mit Anmeldung) bzw. auf Anfrage jederzeit möglich (ganzjährig).

Voranmeldung im Tourismusbüro: Tel. +43 (0) 5513/620950

(Ein Besuch ist nur mit Führung möglich.)


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Alpsennereimuseum Hittisau

Platz  187
6952 Hittisau
Phone +43 5513 620950 Fax +43 5513 629935


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